Many official documents in Canada and in the Province of Ontario need to be notarized or commissioned by a provincially licensed notary in order to be recognized as valid. We are licensed notaries and we provide quick and convenient notary services at a competitive price.

We provide all notary and commissioning services including:

  • Certification of Copies of Documents (Certified True Copies)
  • Electronic Document Notarization
  • Witnessing of a Signature (Identity Verification)
  • Oaths, Affidavits, Solemn Affirmations
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Child Travel Consent Documents
  • Invitation Letters in Support of a Visitor’s Visa to Canada
  • Notarization of Wills and Power of Attorney

We are here to ensure that the notarization of your documents is quick and easy. To that end we are open long hours, and have a convenient and flexible scheduling process. You can call our office at any time to enquire about pricing, or you can drop by our office at any time, no appointment required. There is no wait time and we will provide you with same day service. We will provide a discount for the notarization of multiple documents. Please enquire about house calls if you are unable to make it to our office.

Please be prepared to bring valid identification, along with the document or document copies to be notarized.

As members of the Ontario Bar, we are also able to provide you with legal advice related to the commissioning of notarization of your documents free of charge.