A serious injury can be a devastating event in your life, financially, physically and emotionally, and this often comes in addition to the stress of having to deal with difficult legal and insurance issues.

In every personal injury case our job is to assist you through every step of this complex process. We will fight the insurance companies for every dollar that you are owed, while making your claims process as quick, easy and painless as possible for you and your family.

A motor vehicle accident claim can involve an automobile, a motorcycle, a boat, a snowmobile, a TTC vehicle, or any other motorized vehicle. It does not matter if you were the driver of a vehicle, a passenger or a pedestrian involved in a collision. If you were injured, then you may be entitled to financial compensation.

A motor vehicle accident claim has two parts:

  1. Accident Benefits: A prescribed set of mandatory benefits that insurers must pay to injured parties, including passengers in vehicles, and injured pedestrians; and
  2. Tort claims: a civil suit filed against an at-fault driver by an injured party.

We will advise you on whether you qualify for one or both of these claim procedures. Both your accident benefits and tort claims will run concurrently and you are entitled to receive payouts under both.

Insurance claims are a difficult and often contentious process and we have experience dealing with insurance companies, doctors, and with all other aspects of a personal injury claim.

We represent clients suffering from a wide range of injuries, from minor sprains and strains, to devastating and catastrophic injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents.  If you have been injured in any way as a result of a motor vehicle accident, then it is crucial that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible, in order to be advised of your legal options. Personal injury claims are subject to strict statutory limits and you may lose your right to file a claim if you do not seek legal advice in a timely manner. 

Please contact us for a free, no commitment required, consultation. Our rates are highly competitive and we will not charge you anything in legal fees until we have won your case or have settled your claim for an amount that you are satisfied with.

We also take on slip and fall cases, as well as other personal injury and negligence claims. If you have suffered for any reason from a serious physical injury, then contact our office for free advice on your case.