Family Law


We handle a broad range of family law cases, including child and spousal support claims, child custody and access issues, property division and contested and uncontested divorce.

Child Support

Child support payments in the province of Ontario are usually determined with reference to the Ontario Child Support Guidelines, which take into account each parent’s income and the number of children in the family. However, many exceptions can arise in cases where one or both parents are self-employed, where the child or children have special needs, or where parents share child care responsibilities. Where child support issues arise it is usually necessary to consult with legal counsel to ensure that your rights as a parent are being respected.


Spousal Support

There are many factors which go into determining the amount of spousal support due after the breakup of a marriage or civil partnership. The purpose of spousal support is to reimburse a spouse for income and career opportunities lost as a result of a marriage or partnership. We can assist you in determining what money you are entitled to as a result of the breakup of a marriage or civil union, and in making sure that you receive a fair settlement moving forward.


Child Custody and Access

Child custody and access issues are often the most difficult and contentious aspects of a divorce. While child custody and access issues are always decided by reference to the best interests of the child, there are countless complex factors that will go into making such a determination. Because maintaining a strong relationship with one’s child is important to every parent, it will often be necessary for you to consult with a lawyer to ensure that an equitable custody and access arrangement is arrived at.


Property Division and Divorce

In Ontario, a divorce will mean the division of all marital property, including the family home. While marital property in Ontario is usually, “split down the middle” in the case of a divorce, countless complications can and do arise, particularly in the case of a contested divorce. In all cases it will often be necessary to consult a family attorney to ensure that you receive an equitable settlement that will allow you to be financially secure moving forward after a separation.